On My Mind -or- Things I've been meaning to tell you

Caption contest. :D
TeenBoat being serialized as a webcomic, woo! ("The angst of being a teen--the thrill  of being a boat!") As predicted it is wacky and fun and well done thus far.

Speaking of webcomics I wrote a post about them for the Cybils blog. It's a funny story because the call went out for awesome book lists made up of previous Cybils books and I was like "oh, I could do one around webcomics!" and our editor, who is a well-informed sort of person was like, "No...we need ones from the Cybils..." Then I was like "Aha! I *must* do the one about webcomics then, because not only do the masses need education, but some of our own best and brightest did not know that webcomics have won the award!" And so I did.

Someone has actually done the thing that I was thinking (idly) of doing. It's called Bookroo and yay, now I don't have to do it myself. Let me know if you're interested (or if grandma and grandpa are interested on your behalf) because I think maybe I can get you a discount code.

I worked on Story Club tonight. Again. Finally. Moving, sheesh. Moving is like the project that never ends.

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale is now a stage production. Holla! Several of my friends told me about this, knowing of my love for Shannon Hale. A former director of mine is the dramaturg for the show. So that makes me feel like saying in a demure voice, "I have connections."

There is a sale happening at Kiwi Crate (for all the Kiwi Co Brands) so that's awesome! My kids and I have loved Kiwi Crate and we got my friend Kate hooked on Koala Crate (exhibit A) and she's always sharing the cuteness with me. Anyway, the sale is 40% off with the code FIREWORK40 through July 5th, 2015, and I would not mind a bit if you used my affiliate link there.

Also I finally finished Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson, which you will remember I began reading a long time ago. It was great. I'll have to review it for ya.

And I read Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman and Skottie Young in one sitting, at the library, because we can't check anything out yet. My little instagram review of that is here. I really want to read it with the family and then read a bunch of Skottie Young and Eric Shanower Wizard of Oz adaptation stuff.

Bookshelves, bookshelves! Got any tips on styling bookshelves? Because our dining room is surrounded by built-ins and our living room has them on three walls. So yeah. This is my favorite article so far, but if you have advices I am all ears. Do you want before/during/after pics?

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