NPR's Graphic Novels List

So the other day NPR published a list of 100 Favorite Comics and Graphic Novels. A couple people who know me sent me the link, so I thought it would be fun to go through the list and tell you my thoughts about it.

something about beach reads?
It looks like I've read 21 of the books on the list, so roughly one fifth of them. Are you surprised? It makes sense to me that I don't have a higher score because, although I've read many more graphic novels than the average person I know, I have not read many more GN's than the average person-I-know-who-loves-graphic-novels.

Also, my reading definitely skews more toward the all-ages category of the list. I mean, children's literature really is my thing, and a lot of my graphic novel reading has been for Cybils, which is an award for children's and young adult literature.

Here are the 21 that I've read that made NPR's list:

Nimona -- loved it so much.
This One Summer -- it was ok.
Through the Woods -- Wow it was scary and amazing!
How to be Happy -- really liked some of the stories, others were meh.
The Color of Earth -- Found this one super odd until I learned that part of its purpose was to educate Koreans on sexuality. Then I was like "Oh ok! That makes a lot more sense and explains why the story went like it did!"
Persepolis -- Pff. Amazing.
Fun Home -- Not fun. It was magnificently rendered and expanded my horizons, but it was totally depressing.
March -- I'm a fan of these ones.
Understanding Comics -- Good book, for sure.
Ms. Marvel -- I need more Ms. Marvel in my life! Love this series.
Astro City -- It's been a long time, but I remember really liking this one. I definitely read vol 1 and I might have read vols 2 an 3? But don't hold me to that.
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl -- So I've only read the standalone graphic novel, not the comics, but I think I should read the comics because this one made me laugh so much.
Calvin and Hobbes -- Obviously. It's tops.
Peanuts -- Still good, you guys. And I liked the recent movie, too.
Bad Machinery -- Yes! Woohoo! Glad NPR caught this one. I bought myself some Bad Machinery for my birthday.
Gunnerkrigg Court -- This one is also good! And it's fun to watch the style of it evolve.
American Born Chinese -- This one is definitely good, and a little wacky.
Zita the Spacegirl -- Yes to this. And my kids love it.
Amulet -- The Harry Potter of Graphic Novels, maybe?
El Deafo -- So enjoyable and eye-opening. Great memoir.
Bone -- I read vol 1 and didn't love it, so I haven't read on. I hear I'm missing out, but I think I'm OK.

Here are five from NPR's list I haven't read, and why I haven't read them:

Maus -- I know. It's embarrassing that I haven't read it. It just seems like it's going to be really depressing. I don't really need to read it, do I?
Blankets -- Toooo loooong, so I didn't even start it when my GN book club did it.
Monstress -- I was supposed to read this for Cybils, but only got to glance through it in the bookstore. It looked like it had more violence and language than I typically like, but who knows, maybe I'd love it.
Ghosts -- I was supposed to read this for Cybils, too, but never did. Can't believe I've forgotten to read it since then!
Mouse Guard -- Tried to read this one a couple of times but never got into it. Melissa recommended it, so it's probably really good.

Here are five I want to read, now that I've seen NPR's list:

Ghosts UPDATE! I have now read Ghosts! I liked it a lot! It is my second favorite of Raina Telgemeiers, after Smile.
Castle Waiting
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
Stand Still Stay Silent
Carl Barks' Disney Ducks

Here are five that did not make NPR's list, but are in my top favorites! (my reviews are linked):

The Shadow Hero
Boxers and Saints
Around the World
Real Friends (Shannon Hale and LeUyen Pham, my review forthcoming)
Dragon Puncher

Have you read and enjoyed any on the list? Do any of these pique your interest? Let's talk.

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