The Body Electric

Lena is an average, small-town girl who runs into (literally) an anything-but-average guy and finds her world completely upended. She is ordinary. He is related to ... I can't tell because it would spoil the plot twist ... non-human beings, we'll say. Lena soon finds that being dumped by her jock boyfriend was the least of her worries.

Allie Duzett is a newcomer to the ever-growing world of YA fantasy. I've loved the genre for a good-long while, so I've done my share of reading in it. Things I enjoyed about The Body Electric: it is good, clean fun. The plot is fast-paced enough to keep a reader's attention. And Zach, the protagonist, was very lovably clueless and good-hearted (and good-looking, natch). His scenes were extra entertaining. Things I didn't love: the revelation about Zach's true nature completely blind-sided me. Which is why I won't spill it here. I felt like it wasn't built up to well enough. The first half of the book was totally different from the second half of it. There wasn't enough world building. I mean, it's not a long book, so an author's limited in that way. Anyway. I just didn't see the second half of the book coming.

Still---good, clean fun. Kudos to the new author!

On a personal note

As you may have noticed, updates over here have been sparse. As always, what isn't happening onstage can be explained by what is happening behind the scenes. The Stewart household is a big part of Everead's backstage, and we've just welcomed a new member of our family, newborn Jubilee.  She is an absolute peach. And, speaking of peaches, we will be moving more than 600 miles to the great state of Georgia here in a few weeks. We've got lots going on over here, but the stage manager still wants to share some books with you.

In honor of the new baby: my favorite books to give at baby showers

The two pregnancy books I just had to own this time around: Pilates Pregnancy Guide by Lynne Robinson and Birthing from Within by Pam England and Rob Horowitz. I highly recommend both. 

pregnancy book recommendations
Welcome, baby Jubilee!
update: Pilates Pregnancy Guide has a DVD now! What luxury. I think I might have to order it, to supplement the book. Here are affiliate links if you're interested!

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