The 2019 Holiday Recommendations Post [Post is Closed!]

I have already started making some recommendations over on Facebook (see my post here), but I'd like to make sure you get the chance for a personalized recommendation right here on Everead.

Comment if you want a book recommendation! (person's age, a little info about the person.) 

This post will be updated all during the holiday season. Past years: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018.

For a boyfriend Who liked Red Rising and Ender's Game and is reading Stephen Covey and Rough Stone Rolling.

Fire of the Covenant, a stand alone hsitorical fiction about the Willie Martin Handcart Company, and Skyward, a clean, fast paced sci fi set in space. 

For a 6 year old girl into dinosaurs, space, bugs and a lot of other things: 
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