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Hello there! Story Club is my ebook; it is a quick-start guide for storytelling with kids (whether you do that in a classroom, at bedtime, or in the car). Story Club includes more than 20 great stories and more than 50 story ideas with which you can start your own Story Club. We're talking about fun, learning, quality family time, and practical solutions for kids. Read on for more information or email me at alysa@evereadbooks.com to buy it now.

What readers are saying about Story Club:

"I love it...and wished I had read it before I was a field trip chaperone trying to keep 6-year-olds occupied on an hour-long bus ride :)" - Lindsay Call

"I want to tell stories now! And I feel empowered to do it! :) Thank you!!" - Meghan Read

"This is such an awesome e-book! I've put it into action with my kids, and we've loved it! Thanks, Alysa!" - Ashley Bair

"If you're like me and have virtually no imaginative ideas for entertaining kids, Story Club is a fantastic resource! Alysa's ideas can help you learn how to engage and entertain kids in a variety of settings. I loved her "Jack loved to draw" story; simple and easy to remember, but with tons of variation to keep it interesting and relatable. And I felt like even I could come up with "When I Was Young" stories that my daughter will enjoy and want to add to. Even though I still find the concept of starting my own "Story Club" daunting (see: unimaginative introvert problems), her book gave me several ideas to help routine family activities transcend the mundane." - Lindsay Call

"Story Club helped me realize how fun and easy it is to engage in storytelling with kids! As a quick-start guide, it's a short read but packed with value! The author Alysa Stewart includes examples and ideas for super simple storytelling in no time at all. There are classic stories perfect for kids to retell with their own twists, and techniques for creating collaborative stories with kids. She even shares fun add-on activities for every story, and helpful handouts for those interested in starting their own storytelling club. This book shows you how to do all of that. It shows you how to encourage your kids' creativity and reading comprehension, but most importantly how to have FUN while doing it! And even though I don't see myself as a storyteller, after reading Story Club I feel confident, and even excited, to try storytelling with my own kids! It's the perfect guide for anyone who wants to empower and connect with kids through story-telling." - Meghan Read

What can I expect from Story Club?

You can expect to learn how to:
1) Retell stories in a creative way and teach your kids to do the same.
2) Collaborate with kids to create and tell new stories.

You can expect to download Story Club and start telling the first story within five minutes.

You can expect 37 pages of awesome storytelling advice, encouragement and ideas.

Here is a picture of the Table of Contents:

Who is Story Club good for?

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Homeschooling Parents
  • Homeschooling Tweens
  • Librarians
  • Grandparents
  • Anyone who is interested in storytelling!

"My brother and sister-in-law; my parents. We do a lot of book sharing in our family and I could see giving this and discussing creating our own Story Club. Parents with youngish children. I could also see sharing this with students in my classes. I teach family studies and one thing we talk about is how to create more sacred space in our routines; how to create significant family rituals -- Story Club, I think, can be a great example of this." - Lindsay Call

How do I buy it?

1. Contact me at alysa@evereadbooks.com.
2. I'll send you an invoice with PayPal or Venmo.
3. Once you've purchased, I'll send you your ebook.

After you buy Story Club . . .

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Story Club is backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you aren't satisfied with your purchase, rest assured that you will receive a full refund.

Easy to Print and Put on Multiple Devices
The download link you receive to your email will be active for one week, so that you can download on multiple devices. Story Club is also simple to print from home.

Feedback Welcome
I would love to hear from you about your experience with Story Club. Contact me at alysa@evereadbooks.com. Talk to you soon!

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