A Book Blog II

Oh, oh! Pick me! It's Mary Poppins! Having effectively named that movie for all who may or may not have known the answer, I feel the need to add my two cents to the "stuffs of Everead."

As a firm believer in the power of words, I've witnessed many ways that books bring us together as friends, commentators, meliorists, and just plain human beings. This blog is a physical representation of that: two people randomly brought together by circumstance, building a lasting friendship with a love of books as a common ground. It happens all the time, and this time when it happened Everead was born. It started with two of us talking about the books we've been reading, and now we begin to share those conversations with the world.

Now, lest I sound too lofty, ideal, and downright pompous, let me caution any readers of this blog: we are not professionals, in fact we may or may not be very good at this whole book-critique game. That's for you to decide. Leave us your comments, agree or disagree, and join the conversation. This is the nature of Everead.

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