Tempest by Julie Cross


It is a testament to the popularity of this book that I have only just now gotten my copy from the library. I put it on hold back in January. Directly after the awesome release party I went to for the book.

So. It's time travel. It's romance. It's from the guy's perspective. It is action packed, but not violent. Well, I mean, there is violence, what with all the chasing and some shooting and such, but it's not gory. (On a scale from one to violent, it's less violent by far than the Hunger Games, and more violent than, say, The Adoration of Jenna Fox.)

I loved being in Jackson's head throughout the book. His reactions to the ratcheting tension are sometimes just what I would do and sometimes puzzling, but always real. I'm quite attached to him as a narrator, now, and love that he grew along with the book.

This book would definitely be a PG-13 movie (and I believe a movie is already in the works). Jackson is 19 and off at college, loving life with his friend Adam and girlfriend Holly. (Though time gets twisted a bit and we get to see them in high school, also.) Fair warning: there are swear words and intimate moments. Do I wish they had been left out? *shrugs* It really wouldn't be the same book, if they were.

Can I just say I love that our protag is in college? So often YA is set exclusively in high school, and I find it both refreshing and realistic that college is the main setting for this book.

This one is the first in a trilogy (and boy howdy do you know that from the way it ends). Can't wait to read the rest!
p.s. Julie Cross and I live locally to each other! What questions do you think I should ask her when I do an interview?

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