Christopher Paolini was quoted on the cover of this book as saying that the book's dragons were "some of the most interesting" he'd read. And while I don't love everything Paolini has written, he was right! Seraphina's take on dragonkind is unique, fascinating to think about, and indeed, very interesting.

Seraphina is a young woman trying to pass herself off as human---but she isn't, entirely. Her father was human, but her mother was a dragon, one who'd made the ultimate sacrifice of all her family, her loyalty, and her kind for the love of Seraphina's father. A treaty, only forty years old, brought a very tenuous truce between the human and dragon worlds, but recent deaths threaten to tip the precarious balance between peace and all-out war. And Seraphina finds herself in the middle of it all, trying to simultaneously hide her parentage and use its truth to her advantage in uncovering the identity of the crown prince's murderer.

The writing is so imaginative and lovely. The story twists and turns and is completely fun to get lost in. The characters are awesome. I really enjoyed this book. Though naturally, it'll have a sequel, as pretty much every last YA fantasy book these days does. So the ending is less than conclusive. But ah well. Definitely a good read.


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  3. Seraphina sounds really good. :)

    My sister loves Christopher Paolini's books, but I read Eragon and was like, "Meh..." :)

    (Sorry about all the deleted comments. I kept screwing up. And I probably just spammed your inbox. Sorry.)

    Megan@The Book Babe

  4. Ashley, I have heard such good things about this one. Do you know when the sequel comes out?

  5. I don't know, but this one just came out earlier this year, within the past few months, so the next book's release is probably unknown at this point.


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