In a post-apocalyptic USA, the world is ruled by the superhero class -- the Epics. Chicago's not-so benevolent dictator is Steelheart. He is strong. He can fly. He has legions of super-henchmen. He is impervious to harm, and so his rule might last forever. But our hero happens to be the only person alive who has seen Steelheart bleed.

This was fast paced and fun. Apparently that's what I'm enjoying these days. I read it in single day. This was only possible because it was a snow day (so nobody was goin' nowhere) and Jacob enabled me since he had just finished it himself. :) It is so fun to read books and have a smart, handsome honey to talk about them with.

This is the first book in a trilogy, and I like where it ended. Sanderson is known for great magic systems and awesome plot twits, and didn't disappoint us here.  It was lighter on the romance side than most of the YA dystopian novels I've read, but Sanderson keeps you wondering. If we're comparing it to other YA dystopia, I'd say it is less violent than the Hunger Games, though violence is still inextricable from the plot. You won't find foul language, since today's curse words are obsolete in this version of the future.

My favorite thing about this book is David, the narrator. He is just too much fun to follow along with. He is a total nerd, but he likes to go with his gut and that keeps the plot interesting. Five stars for characters, pacing, and plot. Also the imagery was great, making it easy to visualize everything, including fight scenes which sometimes lose me in other books.

I will definitely read the next book! And thanks, Micah for getting Jacob this one for Christmas. Love ya, bro.


Edited to add: I've reviewed the second book in this series as well, Firefight. It's also great! And that's saying something because second books, man, they're usually the pits. Anyway, if you'd like to get started on the series (and I think you would) here is an affiliate link to book one, Steelheart! If you shop through this link I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Happy reading!

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  1. But he is horrible at the romantic bits. At least in my opinion :) I'll have to check this out. To say my brothers are obsessed would be an understatement.


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