Story Club: You Don't Join It, You Start It.

Ok. I have figured something out about Story Club that I want to share with you. It's been settled in my mind for a while and I haven't changed my mind about it, so here it goes:

You don't "Join Story Club" here on Everead.

Back in April, my awesome mom commented, "I can't wait to join Story Club!"

I love you, Mom.

In May, Ashley said,  ...the title, story "club." [...] To feel like you're being asked to "join" a "club" ... I'm not sure. That seems to suggest there's more commitment involved, somehow. It's a very cute name, though, so I'm on the fence.

I've thought about it, and, at this point, with the skills and resources that I have, I simply can't make Story Club something where we, the readers of this blog, come together and tell stories and have a story club made out of us. Remember the missions of story club? (It's the part with bullet points.) I just can't fill those missions by having you join Story Club here on Everead. Even if you did pay fat dues to the overlord (which would be me, muahaha!).

So. If you don't "join story club" here, what do you do? You buy the guides and you form your own Story Club. In your own life. With your own people. You are the leader of your very own story club.

I sketched this up.
Let's go back to commitment, like Ashley mentioned above. Forming your very own real-life club is going to require commitment -- but, I think it's a different kind of commitment, and pays different dividends. Story Club is not going to be like the Disney Movie Club, where you join and you have to stay in until you can quit. You won't need to make a certain number of purchases or pay dues. Story Club is going to be like . . . Story Club, where you buy the guide and form the club on your own terms, and have a great time (bonding with others, getting smarter, more empathetic and resilient). And if you want to buy more guides you can, and if not, well, you've had fun. And just like that big sign in my elementary school gym said, "If you had fun, you won!"

...what do you think? (It doesn't matter, it's settled.) (But tell me anyway.)


  1. I remember that sign! And the cartoon puppy.

    1. I thought you would! I don't remember the puppy, myself. But I remember the sign. I remember thinking about it a lot.

  2. I think it's going to be great. I just spent a somewhat awkward ten minutes tonight attempting to recall the Greek or Roman, I don't even know which, myth about how spiders came to be, through some kind of weaving contest between a god and a mortal? Anyway. I hope my boys weren't too confused. I could've used some story-telling guidance, I can tell you! :)

    1. Haha! Awesome! I think her name was Arachne -- am I right?

  3. So. My initial reaction upon reading this was: "AHA! Finally, someone else in my family understands why D&D is awesome!"

    ...but seriously, I think I'm going to be stealing that description as my quick summary for D&D from now on.

    1. I think I probably would have played D&D by now, if we didn't live on opposite sides of the country. As it is, I've never played it. But the main character in the cool graphic novel FOILED by Jane Yolen plays it! You should check it out.


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