I'm a writer

Oh my garrrrrsh. Is it just me or is writing Story Club taking forever? It's been almost a year since I began this project. My first ebook.

Good news though! I'm making progress on it, and getting closer and closer to being ready to release it. I wrote the table of contents tonight. That's gettin' serious. Because you can't write the table of contents until you know what the contents really are.

I had an epiphany the other day. I'm a writer. I mean, I've identified as a blogger for some time now. But there's a difference in my mind between being a blogger and being a writer, I guess. I don't think of myself as an author, at this point. But writer? Yes.

Anyway, I like writing. I do it for fun. I do it for work. I do it for my personal therapy (I keep a nightly journal). And sometime after listening to Lisa Congdon talk a couple times, I realized that writing is kind of my art of choice.

So that's cool.

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