KidLitCon 2015 - a quick report

Just had to pop in real quick to say I loved KidLitCon.

It was so great to be in a place with people who were all the exact same kind of nerdy as I am.

I thought the conference was the perfect size. Big enough that it was definitely a conference and not just an oversized book club, but small enough that you could meet and connect with a lot of people.

I got to meet all the people on my list of "people I must meet at KidLitCon." Yes, I had an actual list, mostly of people whose blog and faces I know from Cybils and twitter and such. And, I feel like I went beyond super-bonus-level by meeting so many really cool people that I wasn't even planning on meeting. Without exception everyone I met was kind and intelligent.

I loved all the sessions that I went to, and the two that I presented in went really well. Better than I expected!

While I was at the conference, I was tweeting some of my favorite quotes from people.

I also put up some fun instagrams:

Party in Balltimoar!!! #KidLitCon @mmfbooks

A photo posted by Alysa Stewart (@everead) on

I feel like I didn't get my crazy eyes quite crazy enough. But hey, I turned the sky pink and used three exclamation points, so . . . come to think of it I should have used more exclamation points. This may be my only regret about the whole shebang.

And I just wanted to tell you that when I was on the phone with my kids, my two-year-old Jubilee did the cutest thing ever.
"Can I talk to mommy?" I heard her ask.
"Yes," I heard my husband say.
Then she queried, "Mommy can I have a snack?"
Hahaha! "Of course you can! Daddy will get it for you."
We had the exact same conversation the next night, too.

In short, I came away from KidLitCon feeling inspired with so many great ideas and feeling empowered to do them through new knowledge and community support. If you're thinking about going next year, just start planning now. So worth it.


  1. So glad you found KidLitCon worthwhile, and glad that we finally got to meet. And clearly your Jubilee is adorable :-)


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