Telling Stories Together This Thanksgiving

Hello, friends! This last week I quietly launched Story Club, my quick-start guide to storytelling with kids ebook. Because families are coming together this weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving, I wanted to tell you more about it.

Story Club is literally the perfect thing to do with the kids this weekend. I designed it with weekends like this in mind. I would argue that you don't even have to have kids around to enjoy it. Story Club has a ton of great ideas for stories to tell -- everything from new stories that you (and the kids) haven't heard before, to old favorites, to story starters for telling your own family's stories.

That's what I want to focus on for a second. Isn't getting to know each other better the whole point of spending time together during the holidays? We want to get together, share gratitude, and have FUN! But in the end we don't want it just to be the kind of fun we could have had any weekend. We want it to be the kind of fun that couldn't have happened if we weren't together. Story Club helps you have that kind of fun.

Buy Story Club

Is it easy to download Story Club? Yes it is. I walk you through the process on this page; but it's so easy I can sum it up here. 1. Click on the buy link, a window comes up right over the top of Everead. 2. Put in your name, email, buy it with PayPal. 3. Download link pops up and also goes to your email in case you want to put Story Club on multiple devices.

Is it easy to use Story Club? Yes. So easy. Within five minutes of opening it up you can be telling stories. I'm not even joking. I timed it. And if you put ten or more minutes into it you'll be full of more and more story ideas. It really is a quick-start guide.

Is it worth the price? Yes. I had a friend the other day say "I think I read some of it on your site already," and I was like "Nope, this is all new stuff." The only story I've ever shared on Everead is the one that started it all, and trust me, that's just the tip of the iceberg. See, I knew if I wrote an ebook I was going to have to sell it. So I didn't write something I'm not proud to sell. It's completely worth $8. I am a cheapskate and I would pay $8. That said, I think in the spirit of Black Friday and holiday sales we'd better have a little sale, don't you? So from now until Dec 1, 2016 Story Club is $5. So cheap. And so much good stuff inside. No coupon necessary, the discount will be automatically applied.

Even more info over on the official Story Club page.

I love you guys and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families, telling stories about when you were young, cooking together and laughing together and having a great time.


Story Club

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  1. This is such an awesome e-book! I've put it into action with my kids, and we've loved it! Thanks, Alysa!


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