Book Review: Suite Scarlett

Suite Scarlett -- Maureen Johnson

Scarlett's family runs an awesome old hotel in NY. But there are downsides to living in a hotel, especially when business isn't so good. When Scarlett is put in charge of the Empire Suite and any guest who stays in it, she thinks she is in for a boring summer. But then someone checks in.

You will love Spencer. That is mostly why you should read this book. He is awesome. Jacob and I walk around the house singing Spencer's morning rap (found in Ch 1). The rest of the book, the non-Spencer parts, pretty good too. There's a bit of romance, a bit of revenge, and some great red lipstick. MJ always makes me laugh.

What bothered me most about the book was that Scarlett and her siblings seem to think that their parents (who seem pretty cool to me) need to be kept in the dark. But that's a pretty fair trade, since Spencer is so awesome.


  1. I love book reviews! And you're so awesome at it!!

    Sometimes though I judge a book by it's genre. :) Just a suggestion but I think it would be fun to have genre labels so I could see what the books are you've read and also so I could find others too. (Sorry I'm a label junkie right now.)

  2. Thank you!

    yeah, I've thought of doing genre labels, but classifying books gets tricky. I suppose I could go with whatever I found it shelved under. I mean, we don't have to go super specific, right?


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