Letter to the Editor

I received this most lovely email from Lindi the other day, it made me very happy! It is sort of like a letter to the editor:

So, back at the beginning of November when I was composing my Christmas list, I checked out the blog for some suggestions and found the review of Cybele's Secret. The review first mentioned Wildwood Dancing, which Cybele's Secret is a sequel to. I thought they sounded good so I put them both on my wish list and I am so glad! I just finished Wildwood Dancing today and LOVED it. The Twelve Dancing Princesses is one of my favorite fairy tales ever and I definitely saw the parallels. I loved the relationship between the five sisters and think anyone who has sisters should read it. Also, their names with the Transylvanian flare were beautiful. I really just could not put it down. I laughed, I cried, and it had enough romance to keep even my 16-years-old-and-able-to-date-in-only-3-months-and-14-days heart satisfied. I cannot wait to read Cybele's Secret! Thanks everead for leading me to this incredible novel!

The review she mentions can be found here. Thanks to Ashley for the review, and to Lindi for putting in her two cents!


  1. It's so nice when you get letters like that, isn't it? Makes your day. Thanks for sharing. :) (Oh, and I stuck Cybele's Secret on my TBR list. Somehow I missed it the first time around...)

  2. I love the story of the dancing princesses too! Jessica Day George has a new one coming out in Feb. that's a retelling of this tale, called Princess of the Midnight Ball.

  3. How exciting! I am so glad you loved these books, Lindi. They've become two of my favorites, especially Wildwood Dancing. I'm jealous you own them. Guess I know what I'll be adding to my Valentine's Day gift list ... Oh, honey ...! :) For more princessy high adventure and romance, try any (or all!!) of the following:

    Ella Enchanted, by Gail Carson Levine

    Crown Duel & A Posse of Princesses, by Sherwood Smith

    The Goose Girl & Book of a Thousand Days, by Shannon Hale

    Summers at Castle Auburn, by Sharon Shinn

    East, by Edith Pattou

    These rank tops on my list of get-sucked-into-a-fabulous-fairy-tale books. Hope you enjoy!

  4. Janette,
    Ooh, sounds like it'll be good. Also I just finished Just One Wish (remember, that book that you wrote?) Very fun!


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