Rick Riordan Coming to Champaign Public Library!

You guys. Rick Riordan is coming to Champaign Public Library! I'm so excited!

His Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is nearly complete (the 5th and final book comes out in May). And the whole series is great! They are so funny and fast paced and engrossing and . . . awesome! We've reviewed them here and here and here. Also my crazy dream about book 5 was mentioned here.

So, if you haven't read them yet, you totally have time to read them before he comes. He's coming Monday, March 9th, 7 p.m. And you have to get (free) tickets -- cuz it's gonna be packed, cuz these books are awesome.

Also, just so we all don't embarrass ourselves, I've looked up how to pronounce his last name. It's RYErdn. Like, the first syllable sounds like Fire.

One more thing: I think events like this (i.e. author events) are grossly under publicized. I mean, I talked with the teen librarian who booked this event (and put in a plug for having Shannon come), and she started organizing this event by calling Rick Riordan's people over a year ago! And it's made possible by a grant from some (most likely very awesome) people in the community. (Gosh, if I'm rich someday, that is totally what I'm going to do with my wealth. Give it to libraries to have authors come!) I mean, him coming is a BIG DEAL. So how come there aren't, like, posters everywhere and stuff? And announcements being made over library loudspeakers? Nope. Just a tiny mention on the flier for the teen reading program. Anyway, I thought I'd add to the publicity.


  1. If that's a rant, it's quite possibly the shortest rant I've ever seen.

    PS: I'm still waiting to know why you loved Every Soul a Star so much.

  2. It's, like, a mini-rant. About author visit publicity. It's much longer than any of the other paragraphs.

    Also, I gave you about 4 reasons I loved Every Soul a Star in my post about the Cybils Shortlist. Do you want more? I'm sure I could do more.

  3. Wow! That is so way cool and awesome and exciting! Count me in! And apparently I've got two more books to read, because I've only read the first two in the series. So how do we get tickets? Wanna pick one up for me while you're getting your own? :) Or vice versa?

  4. I know, right?! So all the ticket info is in the first link, but basically you call the library any time starting Monday Feb 23 at 9 a.m. and they can hold 2 tickets for you. But priority is going to kids in grades 3-12. . . why did I ever graduate high school? j/k

    So, I'll be getting my 2 tickets for me and Jacob (if I can get them) because he's a big fan too.


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