Just One Wish

Just One Wish by Janette Rallison.

This is Janette Rallison's newest! It has been released, but I didn't see it at my Barnes and Noble last weekend. I'm sure it'll be on the shelves soon, though!

This is the story of Annika Truman and her little brother Jeremy, a cancer patient. Jeremy is going in for surgery soon and Annika is willing to do anything to help him feel confident about how the surgery will go. So when Annika discovers that Jeremy's biggest wish is that Teen Robin Hood (of his favorite TV series) would come and teach him some archery, she goes to Hollywood to make it happen.

This is another good Rallison book -- it's got laughs and romance and some hiarious hijinks! I loved being on the set of Teen Robin Hood -- it took me back to my days (okay, day; there was only one) on set as an extra. Oh, and the opening scene in the shopping mall was quite hilarious.

No swearing or other questionable-ness that I remember in this one. It's safe for all ages, but will probably be enjoyed most by the female teen crowd. Thumbs up!

Ashley is reading it now, so we'll give her a little while and then let her post her thoughts on it, too.

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  1. I too enjoyed the book. Another page-turner from Janette Rallison. There was a character twist at the end that I found slightly unbelievable (and I won't say more lest I give away plot details), but overall, a fun read.

    And I'm totally intrigued ... what movie were you an extra for, Alysa?


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