Project Book Babe!

Project Book Babe is a charity event for a bookseller who has cancer.

But, more than that, it is a gathering of tons of awesome authors! And a chance to hear them on a panel and win prizes! It will be held in Tempe, AZ on April 4th.

There is an online auction and place to donate as well as an auction and a raffle that will be happening at the event. There are TONS of amazing things you can bid on, and all the money goes to help a bookseller pay her medical bills. (Radiation, anyone? Chemo? Yuk!)

I mean, seriously. This is the most awesome thing happening right now, probably.

And I am going to be there!!! I can hardly contain my excitement. I'm thinking I need, like, an Everead shirt or something to wear. What do you think? I am excited to see Shannon Hale as Mistress of Ceremonies. I mean, this is gonna be good! I'm excited to see Pel & Dano & Kara duke it out over Stephenie's Eclipse Prom Dress. How much do you think that thing is going to sell for? I'm also excited to hang out with my family and show my mom all my baby's new tricks (tooth #3 today!)

The only things I'm not excited about are the flights, the time away from Jacob, and the fact that a lovely bookseller had to get cancer to make this all happen.


  1. Are you going to try to bid on anything? If I were going, I'd bid on the lunch with Stephenie. Would that be a dream come true? It would be for me. I would just love to get to know her. I'm so excited for you to go and I hope you have fun!

  2. It's too bad I can't have you bid on something for me. I'd love to go... I'll just have to be satisfied being there in spirit. :)


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