Leave It To Psmith

I died laughing.

Luckily, it appears I can still blog. Seriously though, I have not read a book by P. G. Wodehouse that I did not like. Mostly, though, I've just read his Jeeves and Wooster stuff. I mean, I did read Mulliner Nights, too, and that one was great. So I decided to branch out.

"Is Psmith (the P is silent) like Bertie Wooster?" Jacob wanted to know. Nnnnnooo... He IS a member of the Drones Club, but he also belongs to several other, more respectable, clubs in London. His driving motivation in this book is to find a job that is NOT in the fish business. So, yeah. He's job-hunting. That tells you how different he is from Bertie, right there.

He is hilariously long-winded. Unbelieveably eloquent and silly at the same time. When trying to win the love of his heart's desire he belatedly adds that he can do card tricks. And recite Gunga Din. He spends the majority of the book impersonating someone else and doing a horrible job of it.

Anyway, pick this one up if you need a laugh. And particularly if you like laughing at turn-of-the-century English people.

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