I, Coriander

Post by Ashley
Coriander lives in a spacious house on the Thames, daughter of a successful merchant father and a beautiful and wise mother who makes herbal remedies for all the neighbors and loves her daughter more than anything. All is well in the little girl's world until the arrival of the silver shoes. The moment Coriander's mother opens the package and Coriander gets her first look at them, she knows they were meant for her alone. But her mother won't let her have them. She locks them away. Coriander hears them calling from their hiding place. Against her parents' wishes, she seeks them out, and she puts them on, not knowing what her mother did: that the shoes are a link to another world, her mother's world, and once Coriander puts them on, she can never return to the normal and happy life she knew.

I really loved this book. It was quite the page turner. If you're a fan of historical fantasy, I'd highly recommend picking this one up. It's the perfect blend of history, magic, and of course a touch of romance. Two thumbs up. :)

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