Wonderland, Tommy Kovac, Sonny Liew

Wonderland. As in Alice in. Except this time, without Alice. Who is that dark haired maiden on the cover? None other than Mary Ann, the maid that the white rabbit mistook Alice for. In Mary Ann's absence, Alice has been to wonderland. Now our heroine has to deal with the aftermath.

Quirky and fun (of course quirky!), this one kept me entertained. The illustration style distracted me a bit for the first few pages (I found myself dissecting the amount of texture on the page and the Queen of Hearts' big mouth). But once I got into it, it was quite fun.

Published by Disney, the book assumes you've watched the Disney version of the story. The characters look similar to movie's but aren't exactly the same. It was fun to see some familiar faces and know what to expect from them, but also fun to be introduced to new characters. My last reading of the actual Lewis Carroll was so long ago that I consider these guys new, anyway.

Plenty of the dark and spooky, plenty of the zany and funny. I'm a fan.

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  1. I had never heard of this book before! I always wondered about who this "Mary Ann" was. A little sad it follows the Disney version, but I'll deal. I'm totally checking this out of the library... now. :)


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