Back with a "Beehive" Bang!

Greetings Evereaders!

You may or may not remember me from the early days of this blog, but I'm the third blogger on the Everead team: Laura.

Having taken an extended leave of absence from Everead, I'm making my way back into the book-blogging world with my own special "Bang". In the next few weeks I will be reviewing each of the twelve nominees for the Children's Literature Association of Utah's (CLAU) 2010 Beehive Book Award.

CLAU sponsors a Beehive Book Award for each of the following five categories:
Children's Picture Books
Children's Fiction Books
Children's Informational Books
Young Adult Books
Children's Poetry Books

As Young Adult fiction is my particular forte, I'll be reviewing the twelve nominees in that category.

So get ready for some good reads and some fresh reviews from a voice you haven't heard in a while!

P.S. - Clarification:
Beehive Book Award Nominees are not exclusively written by Utah authors, nor do they have to be written within the last year to win the award,


  1. Yay! Nice to meet you! :)

    So are all of the books nominated written by Utah authors?

  2. Glad to make your acquaintance. :) And I am so excited for these reviews! They have picked some AWESOME books this year.


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