My Name Is Not Isabella

Isabella is a spunky combination of contrarion (as my husband likes to call our two-year-old on occasion) and dreamer. Young readers will love her spirit as well as her smarts. Her name is not Isabella, as she tries to convince her mother over the course of the book. Instead it's Sally Ride, Marie Curie, and Rosa Parks, to name a few. I think Mommy is the real hero of the book. I love the way she takes her daughter's imagination into stride and supports her play with affirmation and love. This is a sweet little book for boys and girls alike from author Jennifer Fosberry. I love the book trailer below, which shows how the colorful illustrations came to be---a process I think is fascinating. So enjoy! And while you're at it, check out this book for your dreamer son or daughter. And reading the brief ending bios for the historic figures mentioned, you just might learn something too! I know I did! (And sorry about the video being super wide ... anyone know how to fix that?)


  1. Ashley, thanks so much for the great review. I always say that the Mom is the Mom I wish I was (or I try to be). My Dad pointed out, it is actually inspired by my Mom and I think he is right.

    I also DO know how to fix with width of the embedded Youtube video (one of the few things I have figured out in this blogging formatting stuff).

    Go back and view it on Youtube.

    Click the Embed button.

    Scroll down and there are several sizes to choose from (by clicking a dot) OR you can set your own size. My blog I do 450 wide (and it automatically sets the height).

    Copy the embed code.

    Go back to your blog and paste that in.


    Thanks again, Jen

  2. Hooray! I fixed it! Thanks for the tip, Jen, and for chiming in with your own thoughts on the story. :)

  3. One of our contributors loved this book when it was self-published, and we are featuring a guest post from Jennifer this Sunday about that journey.


    (I am the Jennifer from 5 Minutes for Books and look forward to serving on the Cybils panel with you as well!)


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