Four Thumbs Up for Mockingjay

Since the much-anticipated sequel has been out for weeks now, I feel an Everead review is perhaps overdue. And as usual, a post from me is very overdue, so here goes!

It was with much trepidation that I opened my pre-ordered Amazon.com package to reveal the frosty-blue hardback. So many series seem to end disappointingly, and quite frankly I was scared. Not for Katniss. Not for Peeta. For me. I was scared of a letdown.

As I turned the last few pages of the crisp, new-book-smelling novel, I berated myself for my lack of faith in Suzanne Collins. She'd already given me two subliminal reads, and it just seemed impossible for a third delivery, but she did it.

The page-turning action sequences were there. One thumb up. The no-loose-ends, nicely-packaged ending was there. Two thumbs up. The well-rounded, fault-filled, but lovable characters were there. Three thumbs up (yes, I do realize I don't have three thumbs, but work with me here). And to my delight, the satisfyingly surprising plot twists were there. That makes a grand total of four solid thumbs up.

That, my friends, is about all I can say without commenting on details, which would classify me as a spoiler. Wouldn't want to spoil your fun, so I'll just say: hats off to you Suzanne Collins!


  1. We can just pretend that two of those thumbs were mine. Or Alysa's. We both loved it as well. :)

  2. My husband and I started our own official book club and on date night we went and got our first book, The Hunger Games. We liked it but we both had some reservations about reading the other books but we added them to our list. So here's hoping the author resolves some issues we had about the first book. Thanks for the review.

  3. I really like the first one. I LOVED the second one. I almost cried at how much I hated the third one. But I'm a picky reader, so I'm glad other people liked it.

  4. Ashley, Laura -- Yes, my thumbs are up for Mockingjay!

    Annaliese -- I think that is so weird! Why was the second one your favorite? It was prrrrobably my least favorite. Although I like them all.

    Letters -- What were some of the issues you had with the first book? The rest certainly don't get less violent...which was probably my biggest issue with the series.

  5. Alysa--It's hard without dropping spoilers, but I think my overall disappointment is that Katniss never really became a hero. The second book it looked like she was headed that direction. But the third, well, it was just a depressing resolution. I'm rather immature in my preferences in that I want to read a good story, I don't necessarily want to learn something. And I felt like the author was trying to make me learn something at the cost of losing the entertainment value. Which stinks! It was such a promising story at first! Although in her defense, I don't think she ever intended to let Katniss be a real hero.


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