Dear Secret Santa

Dear Secret Santa from the Book Blogger Holiday Swap,

I LOVED your package!  I got it well before Christmas, opened it to find three wrapped book-shaped things as well as a "READ" sticker, postcard, and two adorable finger puppet monsters.  Well.  Puppets and postcards are among my favorite things in the whole world!  Along with reading of course! I was so thrilled and satisfied by these unwrapped gifts (the sticker is going on our bumper as soon as the snow melts off of it, and the puppets were put to immediate use) that I put the books under the tree.  When I opened them on Christmas day, imagine my delight as, one after the other, they were all perfect picks!  Persuasion I was just finishing from the library and thrilled to get my own copy.  Mostly Good Girls I've been wanting to get my hands on because The Leila Texts blog cracks me up.  But my library system doesn't yet have a copy!  So thank you!  And I have been meaning to read the Emily Windsnap books ever since I first saw their gorgeous covers at a bookstore. So. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Christmas cheer to all!

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