Hailey Twitch Saves the Play

Like the first Hailey Twitch book, Hailey Twitch Saves the Play is a totally cute and sometimes chucklingly funny story of a little girl with the best intentions, the worst luck, and a sometimes-unfortunate fairy friend named Maybelle. Hailey gets a new neighbor across the street, a single older gentleman named Mr. Frisk who used to be a famous actor. Meanwhile, Maybelle is told by the fairy council that she must make a new friend, or she won't be allowed to have her magic back. Maybelle decides that the dour Mr. Frisk will be her new friend, but one attempt after another to befriend him ends in disaster. And even worse, in school, Hailey has a substitute teacher who allows the mother of the meanest girl in Hailey's class to take over their school play. Horrors! Will the precocious and incorrigible Hailey make a friend of her new neighbor and simultaneously save the play? (Obviously, but it's still entertaining to read how she does it.)

Definitely a recommended read for 6-9-year-old girls. Boys would also be entertained by Hailey, I think, though they might not appreciate all of her longings for beautiful dresses and sparkly pencils. :)

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