It's been too long since I posted anything---pretty much because it's been a long time since I had a chance to read a book! I was hungering for a little fun book-reading time, and I grabbed this one at random off the bookshelf in the YA section of my library. (Am I alone in feeling like I should get in and out of that section as quickly as possible, certain that the teens are giggling at my oldness behind my back? Guess I've retained some of that everyone-is-watching-me teenage paranoia myself. Oh well.) :)

Witchlanders did not disappoint in fun, fast-action, interesting plot and characters, and un-put-down-able-ness. It was a great story. I am bummed that the author seems to have no interest in writing a sequel. It's kind of begging for the story to be continued. She says she thinks it works as a stand-alone. But the big, overarching problem the book presents---an impending war---is unresolved. So. Personally, I think there needs to be a sequel.

Ryder does not believe in magic. His mother has raised him to laugh at the idea of it, at the religion that everyone else in the town follows---including his father and sister. Grudgingly, he gives his tithe to the witches, the bone-casters whose job it is to tell the future and warn their country of danger. When his mother sees a vision of an assassin in the mountains, Ryder has no choice but to follow what she's seen, digging far deeper into the history of his war-torn country and of magic itself than he ever could have imagined---or believed.

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  1. I would welcome more in this world too, if not an actual sequel! I enjoyed it lots.


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