Stanley the Builder

A while back I participated in the Instagram challenge for Armchair BEA. (Thanks Jenni for turning me on to it.)
I had a lot of fun, and even won two books!

What is your #currentbookmark ?
Benjamin's was a 3x5 card
with the word "bookmark"written on it. 
We won Stanley the Builder and Stanley's Garage from Peachtree Publishers. They are based in Atlanta, so that's awesome. The books arrived; let me tell you what you don't see in this cover image. The book covers are puffy. Just a little bit of dimension is added to them with some padding, and it is one of those details that makes a book stand out. Literally.

The boys liked Stanley the Builder the best, so I asked them what their favorite parts of the book were.

Stanley the Builder
by William Bee

Benjamin said his favorite part was "orange juice" (Stanley enjoys some refreshment, on the job). Levi said his favorite part was "putting the windows in the house." I don't think he had ever thought about that detail of home building before. Relatedly, my favorite aspect of the book was that it went through all the steps of building a house, not just the ones you typically think of. (Ok, I guess not ALL, but more than usual!)

Bold lines, simple patterns, fun details. We loved the books. I guessed the reading level on these to be about at a "Level 2," appropriate for first graders. According to the publishers I was right, it's Fountas & Pinnell Grade: 1. (Unfortunately when I suggested that Benjamin help me read it the second time around he started whining. So he lost the privilege of re-reading the books with me and Levi. Don't worry, I caught him looking at them again another day.)

Let me give you my affiliate links, in case you want to buy a copy for a kiddo you love. If you use these links to make a purchase, I earn a small commission. Thanks for supporting me as I support books!
Stanley the Builder (at B&N)
Stanley the Builder (at Amazon)

Levi doesn't ever let me put a bookmark in this one!
(Part of the Knuffle Bunny series)
p.s. My instagram is @everead, of course, if you care to follow along.


  1. I tried to comment earlier, but I guess my phone didn't work. Oh well. I'm so glad you won! It looks like your boys are glad too! :D

    1. they are indeed! and we had fun being part of the contest. Thanks again for letting us know about it, through your own entry!


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