More about Bookroo: an Article, a Quiz and Review

So you remember a while back when I posted about Bookroo? I had Jane from the Bookroo team do a guest post for me, and I explained all about their subscription box.

Well I wanted to tell you a few other fun Bookroo things:

1. I also did guest post for Bookroo. It's called 3 Selfish Reasons to Read to Your Kids. I had fun writing it. :) I hope you like it. And I hope that your kids become learning zombies effortless learners.

2. Bookroo has a fun quiz I took with the kids. You have to guess which picture book is being represented by each of the minimalist posters. We did pretty good! I was super proud of myself for guessing some of the harder ones. *breathes on knuckles, polishes them on shirt*

I'll spoil this one for you. Now you'll know that it's not Runaway Bunny.

3. I got my first Bookroo box! Some people liked the previous post and subscribed through my affiliate link, so I got a free box. Thanks guys. We loved it!

We picked the 2 picture book box (instead of the box that comes with 3 board books) and we got Penguin Cha-Cha by Kristi Valiant which I had never heard of before but which is adorable (I especially love Julia's red dancing dress, which shows up at the end), and Say What? by Angela DeTerlizzi, which I had read and loved previously. In fact, we have a little paper copy of Say What?, which came free in a Cheerios box, so I could theoretically take advantage of Bookroo's policy and get a discount on my next box. But I actually like having the bigger, hardcover version, so I'm gonna keep it. I'll stick some amazon-affiliate links here in case you want to look further into the books we got:

It looks like if we had just bought these two books from Amazon, we would have paid $27.35 + shipping (because I don't have Prime and it's not more than $35). A one-time Bookroo box costs $19.99 and has free shipping. If you buy a few months in advance, the price drops even further. So, at least in this box, Bookroo is keeping their promise that the retail value of the books will always exceeds the subscription price.

I was interested to see that the books we got didn't come with dust jackets. That must be one way that Bookroo keeps costs low. I've heard friends say that they hate dust jackets. Too much fuss. Always getting torn or falling off or what have you. I like them, myself, because they help keep the book in good shape for longer. Regardless, the book is the same as it would otherwise be, and the kids didn't seem to notice. In fact, it has probably been easier for me that they didn't have jackets, because Jubilee has been requesting Say What? in bed, and she really does kind of mess up dust jackets. Since she's only two, I'll give her a pass.

I wasn't present for the Bookroo Unboxing, which is too bad. I had big plans about taking tons of photos and being like "ooh that wrapping paper is so cute." But what happened was our box arrived on a Saturday when I was gone from like noon to midnight, almost, chaperoning some of the young women in my ward (church congregation). We went to a big activity with a service project, workshops, dinner, and a dance. I have a special place in my heart for such activities, because I met Jacob at a church dance. Anyway, Jacob was at home with the kids all afternoon and evening, so they got the box and opened it up right away. I don't blame him. He said it was a great way to entertain the kids for a while, and that they had a lot of fun with it. I thought it was super cute how there was a personalized note on the inside of the box's lid. That's about all I can speak to as far as packaging. :)

If you want to look into Bookroo, here's my affiliate link. I still think it would be super adorable to have a book club centered around the Bookroo box. Put the kids on a webcam with their cousins or far-away friends who got the books and enjoy reading them to each other. Reading books to someone over webcam definitely works better if you each have a copy. :)


  1. I think I need to have the kids read me their new stories over webcam!


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