Happy Holidays!

Hi friends! I have a billion things I want to blog about! Can you tell from the lack of recent posts that all my ideas are piling up over here?

door hanging thing, special for you!
Thing 1:
Happy Holidays! I made you a present.
Actually I made it for myself, to hang on my door, but then I accidentally left it in Boston. Not to worry, I'll make a new one.

Thing 2:
I'm now officially a freelance writer! I wrote this article for Brightly. It's about dyad reading -- my favorite strategy to help kids learn to read. You may remember that I posted about it once before. But I didn't get paid for that one, now did I? Of course, when I pointed out that I hadn't yet been paid for this piece either, my brother Ransom laughed and said I was "even more officially a free-lance writer!"

By the way, I really like Brightly. They have lots of good articles on there, not just the one by me. It's all about reading and geared toward parents, so it's pretty much right up your alley if you like those parts of Everead. :)

Thing 3:
Debra asked if I was going to do the book recommendation thing again this year? Yes. The answer is yes. If you would like a recommendation this holiday season, I am happy to oblige! You can email me, comment here, or on my facebooks or instagrams or anywhere really. If you'd like to look at the posts from 2014, here they are! Full explanation post, 2014 not-a-gift-guide.

I hope your Thanksgiving celebrations were wonderful! Feel free to leave some holiday cheer in the comments.



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