Introducing Non-fiction November! #NFNovember

Hey! It's November!

So at KidLitCon I was on this great panel called CYBILS: Nonfiction Roundtable with Ellen Zchunke and Jennie Rothschild and we had Jennifer Wharton and Amy Broadmoore with us via technology.

We talked about being part of the Cybils, and about reviewing Non-Fiction books, and we unveiled #NFNovember ! Basically, if you blog/write/share about non-fiction for children and teens this November, we want to hear about it and share the love. If you've never reviewed a non-fiction book, this is a great month to start.

So over at On The Shelf 4 Kids, Ellen's blog, she has a google form where you can submit a blog post that you'd like to have featured.

Here at Everead, you can just leave a comment on this post if you've got some non-fiction love to share. Throughout the month I'll check out what y'all leave below, and bring some of it up into my own posts. I may also end up featuring some of the ones submitted at Ellen's blog, depending on how much is submitted here, how much is submitted there, and how much time I have.

Let's party! 
What great non-fiction books do you love? 
What questions do you have for me?

Leave recommendations and links in the comments, tag tweets and instagrams and other social media with #NFNovember.

p.s. The document that we made with the audience at the Roundtable can be found here. I definitely want to check out a book that Amy mentioned, From Cover to Cover by Kathleen Horning. It's not the first time I've heard her rave about it. Apparently it suggests that the careful reviewer of non-fiction will look at 1) accuracy 2) organization 3) writing style 4) illustration and 5) design. Something to strive for! I've put the book on hold at my library, but if you want to shop it, that's here (affiliate link, wink wink).

 Leaf your comments below! 
(Oh, yes I did)

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  1. Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World. :) My kids are in love with fact books, like the Weird but True series. They are always spouting random information at me, like "Did you know a man once invented diapers for birds?" or "Did you know that if people kept growing at the same rate they do when they're babies, they'd weigh 418,000 pounds by the time they're ten?" (Something like that...)


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