What We're Reading, Fall 2018

It's about time for a reading update, don't you think?  This is the first autumn since 2015 that I haven't been reading graphic novels like crazy for Cybils round 1. Instead I'm chairing the category and I'll be judging Easy Readers & Early Chapter books in January.

Here's what each of us have been reading, youngest to oldest...

Sam, age 1 - Sam has gotten into a good routine of reading 3 board books each night with Daddy. Jacob always reads/sings him You Are My Sunshine as the last one, but Rocket Town by Bob Logan, and Count!by Denise Fleming are in heavy rotation.

Jubilee, age 5, Kindergarten - Jubilee's ability to read is exploding! She was recognizing some sight words before kindergarten started but a little bit of formal instruction in school has really boosted her reading ability. Most nights (and days) we read to her, but it's a special treat when she reads a book to us. And both Jacob and I were complete puddles when she read a book to Sam the other day. Her favorite from the library right now is The Princess and the Pit Stop. It's by the author of Origami Yoda and illustrated by Caldecott winner Dan Santat. The princess races against all manner of fairy tale characters. Jubilee is also very much looking forward to reading the latest Princess in Black book, The Princess in Black and the Science Fair Scare, which is now available.

Levi, age 8, Grade 3 - Levi is reading independantly and very well for his age. I still love reading to him though, and we enjoyed Creepy Pair of Underwear! and Zen Ghosts before Halloween. Both are picture books I had checked out from the library. Speaking of the library, he came along with me the other day and checked out several Spirit Animals books, a handful of the I Survived series, and a big stack of Zapato Power books, which I had not heard of before. In them, our hero finds some zapatos (shoes) that give him extra powers and he solves mysteries and investigates suspicious occurences. Levi is also rereading the Calvin Coconut series, "because it's been a while."

Benjamin, age 10, Grade 5 - Benjamin is reading tons of great books. I'm going to write you a whole post about it. He got a bunch of good recommendations from the 2017 Cybils shortlists. [Update: That post is now live! Find it here: 6 Books My 10-year-old Loved]

Alysa, aka Mom - I have been reading The Book of Mormon at a faster pace than ever before, to keep up with the challenge President Nelson gave to read it from the beginning before the end of the year. I'm really enjoying the challenge, as it is requiring me to read in a whole new way. Like a sprint, instead of a walk in the park. Doesn't let me smell the flowers, but it is exhilarating! I was also able to read Homecoming by Cynthia Voigt, and chose to discuss it for book club this month. I'm hosting. I was afraid it would be an annoying tear-jerker, but it was not. It gives you a lot to think about. And I just got a hold of The Mushroom Fan Club by Elise Gravel. So cute and fun, plus it has some facts about mushrooms.

Jacob, aka Dad - Jacob has been reading The Black Count, and whenever he dips into it he tells me something interesting at the dinner table. Just yesterday he got his copy of the latest Brandon Sanderson book, Skyward. If he wasn't writing an exam at this moment, he would be reading it.

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  1. love this post! I am super tempted to buy Sdyward, but I actually live near libraries now, so gotta try that. :)


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