Flutter and Hum - highly recommended!

Jubilee: Did we read the last one?
Mom: Yes, the fish was the last one.
Jubilee: Darn! I wanted there to be more! I wanted there to be a hundred million poems!

Well that's a pretty strong recommendation coming from a 6-year-old!

Flutter & Hum: Animal Poems
Aleteo y Zumbido: Poemas de Animales

This book is beautiful! Julie Paschkis is an illustrator who began to learn Spanish and decided as part of her learning and practice, to write some simple poetry. Each poem is given in Spanish and in English, though not all are "exact translations." And the illustrations are exquisite.

Some of the poems I liked better in English, others I liked better in Spanish.

I've been thinking more about adding Spanish books to my home library, since I've got two kids in the bilingual program at school. Thanks to the Cybils award for putting this book on my radar! It was the 2015 winner in the Poetry category.

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