Jellaby: Monster in the City

As soon as I figured out this one was available, I snatched it up. The original leaves you quite without denoument!

I'm happy to say this one picked up right where the original left off. And what an adventure! It was kinda crazy. Especially that magician dude who looks a bit like a lego-man! And all that comic-book action!

The book has friendship at its heart. What makes a good friend? How do you make friends with others? What do you do when your friends hurt you? I think it brings up all kinds of great topics for it's age group.

Oh, and I ESPECIALLY liked the epilogue. Yay! It brought it all together for me and helped me feel like the series is headed in a good direction.

Recommended to fans of Jellaby (Everead mini-review here) and kids 8+. :)

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