The Last Olympian

Post by Alysa
Book 5, the final installment in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series: The Last Olympian, by Rick Riordan.

Yay! yay! yay! yay! It was so good! It definitely lived up to my expectations. And my wildest dreams didn't have to come true -- I managed to get my hands on it pretty quick, since we bought it.

These books are so much fun.
The concept is fun: what would Greek gods be like in the modern day?
The delivery is fun: Percy is a hilarious narrator you can relate to and enjoy.
The characters are great
: my favorite this time was Paul. But Grover was still wonderful and Annabeth was still kick-butt and I even liked dark Nico. . .
And the action is non-stop: I was obligated to put the book down in the middle of a couple of different battle sequences, just because I knew things weren't going to be any less exciting in a few pages.

A triumphal finish to a great series. Well done!

Umm, need I say recommended? Begin with The Lightning Thief.


  1. Yay, you finished! I totally agree. Ditto and ditto.
    But, uh, dumb question ... who's Paul again? I forget.

  2. Yep, yep, yep. And may there be many more Rick Riordan books. :) (So, do you think the movie will be any good?)

  3. Oh yeah, Paul Blofis. It's all comin' back to me now ...

  4. Yes, Paul Blofis! What a crack-up! And I HOPE -- I SO hope that the movie will be good. *crosses fingers*


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