Kitchen Dance

Kitchen Dance by Maurie J. Manning

I couldn't help grabbing this one off the shelf at the library. The colors were so bold and bright, and the title captured me right away. I love dancing in the kitchen! It's probably the most romantic place to dance, don't you think? Well, maybe a ballroom is more romantic. It depends on your definition of romance. I think we should have a poll about this.

The book starts off with a very subdued palette -- the kids are in their dark bedroom, hearing noises from the kitchen. When they finally peek in on their parents, Wow! The color just hits your eye. And you wouldn't think that a book like this would have much suspense, but it does. As the father dipped the mother I held my breath. And what will the parents do when they find their kids spying on them?

This book is so sweet. It is masterfully done, if you ask me. Fans of Dora the Explorer will probably like the little bit of Spanish featured in it. It is really very heartwarming. Highly recommended.

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