Your Everead Favorites

What have been your favorite Everead posts? Which ones made you laugh? Which ones made you want to go pick up a book? C'mon, don't be stingy with your selections! Lets get a good list together.

P.S. I only ask because I'm having a hard time coming up with 5 posts to submit to the judges -- apparently Everead was nominated for Best General Review Blog for this years Book Blogger Appreciation Week. If the judges shortlist us, people will be, like, voting for us and stuff. Well. Hopefully.

ETA: Okay, here are the ones I sent! :)


  1. Favorite Everead post? I'm partial to my guest review. Not because I think I did a better job... just because it's mine! =)

  2. I think your Disreputable History of Frankie ... was a great post. And I guess my post about Wildwood Dancing or Cybele's Secret inspired someone to go read one or the other ... I forget. :) I think it was Wildwood Dancing. So there you go. :)

  3. Oh, scratch that, it was my post about Cybele's Secret, in which I also mentioned Wildwood Dancing.

  4. Thanks for your thoughts. I'll post links to the posts you mentioned, and to the ones I actually turned in. :)

  5. all your posts are great and your opinion about books quite valuable so there is no help.


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