Despicable Me---A giveaway!

If you have seen any of the previews for the new movie Despicable Me, you have probably seen Gru, an ultra bad-guy villain, reading a bedtime story to the three little girls he adopts---a bedtime story called "Sleepy Kittens." Well, in conjunction with the movie's recent release, "Sleepy Kittens" has been made into a real book. I was sent a copy to read and review and was also given this awesome prize package to give away on our blog.

One (1) Winner will receive:
  • Sleepy Kittens
  • My Dad the Super Villain
  • The World’s Greatest Villain
  • Despicable Me: The Junior Novel
  • Despicable Me T-shirt
  • Despicable Me pencil

My husband has been showing my two-year-old previews for this movie for months, just to entertain him when he climbs up in Daddy's lap while Daddy is trying to check his e-mails. So we naturally had to take him to the theater to see it when it was released. The published book isn't quite like the one you see in the movie. The kittens are made of a stiffer material than they appear in the movie---a material that I find hard to manipulate, but I have smallish hands. There's no little hairbrush on a retractable cord to brush their fur. But in spite of the differences, it is a cute little bedtime book for those un-sleepy kittens in your home. So leave us a comment between now and noon, Central time, Tuesday, the 27th of July, and we'll randomly select a winner for this fun prize package.


  1. I actually have never heard of the movie but I have seen those little yellow creatures all over so now I know where they come from. Thanks. So how did your little guy like it? We may have to try it out. We have one little one here that would certainly be able to relate to the un-sleepy kittens.

  2. My little guy liked the first half, and then he got bored. This says nothing negative toward the movie itself---this is how he behaves with all feature-length movies. Also, we accidentally went into the 3D theater, and he wasn't a fan of wearing glasses for an extended period of time. I thought it was pretty fun.

  3. It's so FLUFFY I'm gonna die .

    How much for that Fluffy Unicorn ? LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!

  4. Despicable Me is great! I had my doubts but...anything with Steve Carell is usually top rate. You should see it. :)

  5. Jason took the boys to the movie and they laughed out loud. And they loved the 3D.


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