Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City

Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City
by Kirsten Miller

So this was a fun adventure story.  In it, Ananka Fishbein tells the story of how she met the infamous Kiki Strike.  Along the way we meet the other awesome girls that become "the irregulars" Dee Dee, Oona, Luz and Betty.

Thing I loved about this book: it's just realistic enough.  I'm so glad that these girls, age twelve at the beginning of the book, don't get everything right the first time.  They get in a bit over their heads, and have to step back, learn, and grow a couple years older. Did I still have to suspend my disbelief?  Oh, yes.  But when a book has a realistic timeline, its so much easier to believe in an invention like the "Reverse Pied Piper."

I have to say, the characters were great, too.  I didn't realize how much I liked them until I typed all of their names just now. I love Ananka's spunk and ordinary-ness.  I love Betty's good attitude, (Luz's bad one is a nice contrast), and Oona reminds me a bit of my slick little sister.  They were all well done, really.  You know how it can be, when you've got a group of girls in a book.  They can become indistinguishable.  Not so for these ladies.

Anyway, this one will probably appeal most to girls, ages 10 plus.  Give it a go when you run out of Nancy Drew.

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