The Cardturner

The Cardturner by Louis Sachar

Alton's wealthy great-uncle has gone blind, but he can't give up bridge.  Alton becomes his cardturner with one major rule -- never ask "Are you sure?"  Alton knows nothing about bridge, and that's the way his uncle likes it.  But spending 12 hours a week as a proxy player changes that, and piques Alton's curiousity about his uncle's mysterious past.

It's Louis Sachar! Of course its good!  You know, Holes?  Wayside School?  Small Steps?

I found myself laughing while reading this book. Partly because there were some funny lines and scenarios, but also because the dialogue was so realistic.  I'd say "Hah! I can see those exact words going back and forth between my mom and my teenage brother!"  So very well done on that score, and on character development too. Leslie, the little sister, was my favorite.  She doesn't show up a ton, but she's great.  Since I'm a little sister, I can say that I guess.

There was a lot of "bridge gibberish" -- but it wasn't tough to get through.  Sachar gives you an easy out, if you want to skip the details, but for me the play-by-plays were no worse than they would be with any other game/sport.  And now I kind of want to learn to play bridge...

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