Dream of Night

My first Cybils book review! I've read lots, but this is the first I'm getting around to reviewing.

Another atypical horse book. The story comes from three points of view: Shiloh, a very angry young teen who was severely abused as a child and who's been shunted from foster home to foster home for years, Jess DiLima, a middle-aged woman who rescues abused and neglected horses and who has her own tragic past, and Dream of Night, a former racehorse whose last owner kept him locked in a tiny stall and beat him with chains. Their three stories intertwine when Jess takes both horse and girl in, though she's afraid she's becoming too old to help either.

This was also another book where I thought I could see the end from the beginning, and where the ending I imagined was fairly cliche. Troubled teen and wild horse come together, teen gentles horse who gentles her back, together they learn to ride again, and they win some big race and live happily ever after. This was not at all the direction the book took, however. Its real direction was far more believable, far less cliche, and far more moving.

The short, fragmentary writing style was a bit distracting to me at times, but it was effective most of the time in making the story feel more raw and exposed. I recommend this book to readers of all ages, really. Great read.

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