Book Stew review: Shakespeare's Secret

Back in the day, before I started Everead, I reviewed books on what is now my family blog. At the time, since I was posting so many book reviews, I called the blog Book Stew. This review was originally posted there.

The other day I recommended Shakespeare's Secret to my mom as a good read-aloud.  She has since read and enjoyed it, so I thought I'd repost my original review here on Everead:
Shakespeare's Secret
by Elise Broach, 272 pages.
Hero is the new girl in town, and, as usual, her Shakespearian name draws comments. There is something else that the town has been talking about though, and the missing Murphy diamond could be right under her nose.
As I was browsing the stacks at my local library, I stumbled upon this little volume. Its cover art and catchy title made me pick it up, and I'm glad I did. It was super fun. On the inside cover of this book which was published this year [2007], was a bookplate that suggested reading this book aloud with a child. I would highly recommend that. It has very short chapters, and thus provides many good stopping places for a voice. And, it's just awesome fun! Take a mystery, add a dollop of history, a dash of Shakespeare and you've got a really fun story. It is the sort of book that makes you want to study history and plant a garden and read Shakespeare. 
Go for it!!

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