Princess Academy Giveaway CLOSED

Shannon Hale has written a sequel to her Newbery Honor winning Princess Academy. Be still my heart! I just can't get enough of Shannon Hale!

Will the Princess Academy sequel have cover art by Alison Jay?
On Sunday last, the official title of Princess Academy 2 was announced on Shannon's website:


Ooh, I like it! Its so atmospheric! Linder stone is so important in Princess Academy, and Palace of Stone sounds ominous and mysterious at the same time that it suggests the palace in the lowlands being made from the mountains.

In honor of the title announcement, Everead is giving away a signed* paperback copy of Princess Academy! The contest closes on Feb 16, 2012. Palace of Stone is due out in Fall 2012, so we will all have plenty of time to read or re-read Princess Academy. To enter the contest, fill out the form linked below. *Hint: you might want to subscribe to the blog or to our new Everead newsletter. (Links in the sidebar!)

but you can see all our posts about Shannon Hale here!

What do you think of the title? On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you for this book? Having trouble with the entry form? This is my first time using one, so email me or leave a comment below with any comments.
The winner gets this book!
*ETA: I forgot! It's a signed copy!


  1. I'll comment with a comment. (I think you meant comment with any questions.)

  2. Oh yay! I loved Princess Academy almost as much as I loved Goose Girl, actually! I will be excited to read the sequel. And yes... great title!

  3. I just entered ... can I do that?? :)

  4. Jacob: "Yo dawg, I heard you like comments, so i thought i would comment on your comment, so you could have a comment comment!"

    Ashlee, oh I'm so glad you love it! Goose Girl is undeniably my fave though.

    Ashley, hahaha yes I think that's fine, this time anyway. :D

  5. Princess Academy is my favorite for sure!

  6. I love Princess Academy too! I keep trying to get Kevin to read it, but he can't get past the girliness of the title. I keep telling him it is NOT a fru-fru tutu princess book at ALL, but so far no dice. (He did relent and read the Goose Girl series, which he liked, so I do think he would like it.) Anyways, I'm excited for a sequel!

  7. Annaliese -- ooh, Goose Girl is my fave, but Princess Academy might be second.

    Mindalynn -- I know, right!?! Same story with my husband. Except I haven't even convinced him to read Goose Girl yet. He's not opposed, just too busy reading sci-fi. :)

  8. Much better title than the first one! I LOVE Princess Academy, but always thought it deserved a less generic and fluffy title. I'm so excited about the sequel!

  9. Ooh, Amy now you've got me thinking: If you could give a different title to Princess Academy, what would it be?


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