The Hunger Games

So, yeah, the movie opens! Anybody see it at midnight? Anyone going to see it in theaters soon? Who's planning to wait till video?  Anybody reading this who isn't interested in seeing it at all?

On the subject of The Hunger Games books, Laura Bogart has written a fantastic, moving piece about domestic violence and the Hunger Games. I’m really gratified that the books spoke to her — I had some friends who found the ending to the series unsatisfactory. I, for one, thought they couldn’t really end any other way. Well, I suppose they could but it would have been phony. The series is one of those that makes me grateful for my relatively uneventful life and peaceful existence. Its a wonderful reminder, every now and then, to get some perspective and be able to say again, “I really do have it good.”

I'm curious about your intentions with the movie. Leave your plans in the comments, or click the poll in the sidebar!

(Thanks to bookshelves of doom for sending me to that article.)

ETA: Here are the poll results!
I'll see the Hunger Games movie...
already have! -- 3 votes, 27%
soon, in theaters. -- 2 votes, 18%
when it comes home with me. -- 1 vote, 9%
never. -- 0 votes, 0%
not sure when. -- 5 votes, 45%


  1. I saw it! I saw it! It was fantastic! Incredible! Everything the Twilight movies should've been. ;)

  2. I didn't think I'd be seeing it--just thought seeing the events happening on the big screen might be a bit ... much. But my mom went to the midnight showing and said it was intense, amazing, and not graphic, and that it powerfully portrays the message of the book. So. I might be changing my mind!

  3. I always plan to read the books first (like with Harry Potter). And then I remember that I don't read much fiction, so when I'm magically going to have read the books is a mystery. But I will say that the title "The Hunger Games" intrigues me more than HP did, so maybe there's a chance I'll get around to it.

  4. Corey and I saw it... loved it... was also super impressed, as was Ashley's mom by the way they chose to portray the violence. They could have gotten away with much more in it and still been able to keep a PG-13 rating. There was minimal blood... and yet the story was still told. I felt like it stayed truer to the story than any book to film adaptation that I have seen. I will have to tell you more about it in person!

  5. I enjoyed the first two books in the series although the second got too violent for me. So I have not ventured to the third because I watched two of my kids after they read it, and their expression and outlook was NOT good for several days.
    But I am excited to see the movie because I like the look of the main actress. It seems promising, I am hoping it is not like so many other films that are thrown together rather hurriedly and thoughtlessly. As I read the book, I felt it was written for the screen so I'm not surprised that it is out so quickly. The real hindrance to going to see the movie is my local theater - a total drag. Going there takes the pleasure out of seeing a movie. So, we'll see how soon I will get to see it.

  6. I haven't read them yet, but was going to see the movie anyway. However, after reading that article you linked to your post, I really want to read the book! Probably will find a copy to read this week and see it next weekend.

  7. My 14 year old has already seen it and gave it a big thumbs up. He had very few criticisms. I can't wait to see it--I'm definitely not waiting for Dvd.

  8. Everyone was talking about the movie, so I went on Saturday evening. Watching the movie reminded me of what I did not like in the book. The characters, setting and plot are all interesting and well written, so its not that at all. And everyone who says that the movie is a quality representation of the book is right on - not surprising since the author was so heavily involved in the making. But I completely disagree with those who say that the violence was not too bad. And this brings me to the part I don't like. It is a sort of hypocrisy in the writing. Well first I have to say that, probably unlike most Americans, I do not usually enjoy reality TV. It is because of the feeling of voyeurism it gives me. And I have noticed a general trend toward accepting that activity as entertainment in many ways including, of course, progressively permeating pornography. But my point is that the author makes this argument against watching reality based entertainment by having Gale say he does not want to watch it, and by having all of the people in the capitol dress to the extreme, and by having this deadly reality show be forced on the people. Yet, when you stop and think about it, the author has done the very thing that her "President Snow" does. That is: get everyone to watch people kill each other. The fantasy elements of the story are really very thin, a little bit of technology, only a little extra makeup and color on the people,and a government clearly named after America. So what we are watching and reading is for the entertainment in the shock factor, the violence and the tragedy. We are led to feel sorry for Catniss because she had to do all of that to survive, and to save her sister which is just a wild goose chase. The author uses blatant disrespect for life, shallowly disguised as thought provoking literature, to entertain. I am not uplifted by it.

  9. Saw the movie last weekend and loved it. The only thing I didn't like was Woody Harrelson as Haymitch--it was all wrong.


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