Discuss: Reading Aloud

Today we're taking a family car trip -- all in all the four of us will be in corolla together for about 7 hours. To pass the time Jacob and I are planning to read to each other from Wildwood, by Colin Meloy. It is a book we're both interested in reading, written by the lead singer in a favorite band we discovered not too long ago (The Decemberists). It is illustrated by his wife, who secured a place in my heart with her fantastic work on the first Mysterious Benedict Society book.

Do you enjoy reading aloud? It's one of my favorite pastimes. It took a while, but I've finally convinced Jacob to listen to me while I'm doing it. Usually.


  1. Hi there! You won my giveaway over on www.rebeccalately.blogspot.com. Could you please e-mail me at rebeccalately@gmail.com?

    Thank you and congratulations!

  2. I usually prefer to read to myself. But then I get awfully car sick just sitting still so I could never read aloud in the car (I really wish I could read in the car). In those instance, I would be happy to have someone read to me. One of Neal's and my favorite car ride things is to get a book on CD or podcast and listen and pause every few minutes to discuss. We find Radiolab particularly enjoyable and thought-provoking.

  3. Rebecca -- awesome (even if it is off-topic)! I have emailed you.

    llcall -- Jacob and I love audiobooks, too! As long as they have a decent narrator. Sadly our CD player in the car just fritzed out. :( That's why we braved potential carsickness. Thanks for the tip about Radiolab, I'll check it out.

  4. I love to be the reader! When my husband reads I enjoy it too, but sometimes have a hard time staying attentive. I lose tack of what is going on. I also have very strong ideas about inflection, so sometimes when I'm not the one reading I'm distracted because I would have done it "differently" (better)! ;)

    Good luck on your trip & enjoy the book!

  5. Bethany I love that! I find myself interpreting what other readers say with different (better) inflection, too.

    Our trip was great -- just a day trip (3.5 hours each way) down to St. Louis. Our temple is there. :)

    And the book is good so far!


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