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Update: books unpacked and lookin' good!
It's a shelfie.
Alysa here, and I'm writing to you from amid the stacks of boxes. We are moving! (No, not the website, that URL will stay the same.) I wanted to mark this occasion somehow here on Everead. I have lived in three different homes (soon to be four!) during the lifetime of this blog, and I feel like it is a lovely constant thing, wherever I go. Hooray for the internet! Can I get an amen?

A word about packing books: Holy moly we have a lot of them! I plan to update our catalog while unpacking them in Georgia. FYI, I catalog our home library on LibraryThing. Anyway, we decided to pack them ALL up and then keep a little shelf of library books for the last couple weeks. We've now turned in all the library books, and have just three picture books, borrowed from our friend and neighbor, Kate. Those we won't have to give up until we drive away. We're taking two days to get to Georgia, so I fully expect that we'll have to stop for a book somewhere along the way. What can I say? We can't none of us sleep without a bedtime story first. 

Moving makes me want to buy books (but then again, what doesn't?). I mean, sure, while I was packing them I weeded the collection. But I have been sorely tempted to buy myself a couple books as a housewarming gift... 

The first one I would get for myself is A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander. I heard about this book from Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project. In fact, she recently posted about it again, here. I checked it out from my library once, and it was just fascinating. It was the sort of thing I found myself reading bits out loud to friends and family, and pulling into conversations. I would love a personal copy to reference.
Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble
The second one I would give myself would be Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook. I saw this one at my friend Rachel's house once. It's like the bible of housekeeping or something! It is very thick and detailed. Anyway, I'm feeling a renewed desire to keep a clean and orderly home (ah, moving!) and I feel like this would make a great reference book. Plus, our new place has wood floors and I've never lived on and maintained wood floors and what am I supposed to do? What if I totally damage this place? It's a rental, you know. *shudder*
So anyway, we're moving! And see how I'm procrastinating the last of the packing by blogging? heh heh. We load the truck in less than 7 hours!


Update: I've added some pictures of the book covers for you! They are affiliate links to the stores listed, so if you make a purchase after clicking on them I will earn a small commission. Thanks for supporting this awesome blog!

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