The Best Time To Do Everything

We made it! We got to our new house and I tell you what: I did not realize how starving I was for books until we went to our new library. Woohoo!

In less than 24 hours I devoured The Best Time To Do Everything by Michael Kaplan.

Premise: The author interviewed various experts on when would be the best time to (fill in the blank).

Its something of a coffee-table book, as the contents are not organized in any particular way (though there is an index). Many of the "best times" are backed by research and it often isn't well cited, which adds to the casual feel of the book. This book was fun for me to read, but I don't actually feel any smarter now, I just feel like I know more trivia. Not there is anything wrong with trivia!

One of my faves was "the best time to sleep in." According to the book this is Saturday morning, rather than Sunday morning. This validated me: I always sleep in Saturdays. Ha! Anyway,  it talks about the best time to get married, the best time to approach a celebrity, the best time to sell everything and go live on a boat, and loads of other things you might want to do sometime. When the time is right.

So, when is the best time to read this book? Any time you feel inclined.

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  1. An interesting premise. I'm sort of intrigued. When is the best time to call someone and actually get a hold of them?


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