A couple of favorite picture books...

Moo! By Davide LaRochelle, illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka

This is Levi's favorite picture book of the week. He is three years old these days. Many thanks to Janssen for recommending it! Because she did, I noticed it at the library and we picked it up.  Moo! is very silly -- see that cow, driving a car? And it's text is very simple -- pretty much one word (and I bet you can guess it from the title). Levi thinks it is hilarious, all the ways "moo" can be said. Benjamin (age 5) was in a bad mood (moo'd? hehe. Ok, I'll stop) yesterday and grouched in his superior, this-is-baby-stuff tone,  "It's just one word! Stop saying 'moo!'" Well, I think it's a great book for all ages. Funny, creative, and awesome to have the text incorporated so well into the pictures. Plus, Levi can read it all on his own, which means a lot to this little guy who wants SO badly to read like his big brother does. In summary, I just have one word to say about this book: moo.

Doggies by Sandra Boynton

This is Jubilee's favorite picture book of the month. She is turning one next week! My, how time has flown. Remember this? Anyway, I read Doggies at least once a day. Thank goodness it's a good book. It starts with one dog and his "Woof!" and counts up to ten. I love all the different doggie noises, honestly! This book has expanded my bow-wow repertoire. Thankfully we get some breaks ("6 - Six quiet dogs") but my favorite is 9:
Nine dogs - AAAA-OOOOOO! - on a moonlit night
Jubilee's not reading this one on her own, but she is beginning to bark and meow and howl. The cuteness is just too much.

As you can see both of these favorites have lots of onomatopoeia and have lots of O's.  Storytime is kind of noisy around here...

What picture books have you been enjoying lately?


  1. I'm just thrilled you loved it. Moo?

  2. Funny, we just got Doggies from the library this week. That's a fun little read! I'll have to check out your other suggestion there. We're big fans of animal noises too. Gemma's rooster is pretty priceless.

    1. We are definitely on the same page then, as it were! Oh my goodness I can't wait until Jubilee starts making rooster noises.


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