Story Club: What do you need?

On Tuesday night I hosted book club at my place. (The book: Walden.) It was awesome, as book clubs usually are. And, because Benjamin reminded me to, I told my girlfriends about Story Club.

By the time I got around to Story Club, myself and three others remained. I asked them all, "Do you tell stories with your kids?" And that is what I want to ask you. Do you tell stories with the kids in your life?

Anya said, "Yes! All the time."

Abigail said "No. . . we read books together."

And Nicole said that when she's putting her kids to bed they get to pick: story or song? One of her sons (7 years old) always wants a story. Sometimes, she confessed, she tries to talk him out of it. She's fresh out of story ideas, but she has children's hymns and songs that will float to the tip of her tongue at any given moment. "Could you just send me a text, like 'Here's your story idea for tonight...'?"

Which of these moms are you most like? Or does storytelling fit into your life in some other way? My friend Alex doesn't have kids yet but he has students and he keeps the kids of his friends close.

Help me know what you need, so I can make Story Club something that you will love.

When it comes to storytelling, what do you need?

Gerald here is putting a lot of thought into this. 

p.s. I sent a 1st draft of the first part of Story Club to my editor today! :-D I'm getting going (and it feels good!) but there is plenty of time to tweak things (which feels good, too).


  1. I am most definitely the mom trying to talk her kid out of having to tell a story at night. Addie is, and has for about 2 years, been super into storytelling. And it is shocking difficult to come up with any kind of interesting story every 5 seconds. Mine get to be heavily didactic pretty quickly.

  2. A trick I learned from my Dad is that you only need a few basic stories with slight variations. He would always tell "Black Sambo" stories and just insert random popular characters to provide variety. So we would get "Black Sambo Meets the Power Rangers" or "Black Sambo Helps Scooby Doo". I've used a similar tactic with the boys - there's a few characters that get re-used for lots of different stories. There are still some nights where I just don't want to have to come up with a new story, but this strategy helps.

  3. Ooh, I like that. My standard character is "Princess Addie" at her request, but I like something along the lines of "Princess Addie meets the Power Rangers"

    1. Yay! I love that you are getting good ideas already! Sir Ben is a recurring character around here, as is Benja-monkey.


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