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It really bugs me when I read a book with a young protagonist who has no reason to mistrust their parents (according to the book's setup) BUT then, the conflict -- the big thing that starts the plot -- comes up and suddenly our protagonist is all like, "I can't tell my loving, trusting, smart parents about this. I'd better just run away!"

That is my book pet peeve. It came up tonight because of this IndieGoGo campaign (which looks awesome). Wings by Aprilynne Pike is like that, and So is Wildwood by Colin Meloy. There are many, many others.

Anyway, this campaign is to help alleviate the medical debt of an author who suffers from mental illness, Robinson Wells. I have heard of his books but haven't read them. The main perk of donating is an anthology with submissions from such authors as Brandon Sanderson, Shannon Hale, Ally Condie, Kiersten White, Sara Zarr, Jessica Day George, Aprilynne Pike and Brandon Mull. And those are just the authors whose books I have personally read (Everead reviews are linked). See the full list of contributing authors, here.

Chances are good Jacob and I will end up with a copy of this anthology. It looks too good. And, helping to remove the social stigma from mental illness is personally important to me, since I know many sufferers. Also I'm passionate about being debt free (and I remember how choking it was for my own parents to have been in debt to the IRS, decades ago).  

So anyway, help a brother out, if you can! And you can get a nice anthology if you do. Also, here is what Shannon Hale has to say about it.

What are your own book pet peeves? What do you think of the campaign?

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